Making of a bespoke wedding dress:

Your wedding dress is the one time in your life when you can truly express yourself. Unlike any other garment you have worn or would ever wear, your wedding dress encapsulates who you are, your personality, your taste and your style. At the same time, the dress needs to make you feel ‘at home’,  to feel comfortable and properly represented. 

That is a lot to ask for from a dress!

That is why making a bespoke dress is often the best way to go about the process.

The only thing that puts brides off from making a bespoke dress from their Big Day is the price tag associated with it.

Fortunately, we at Lora Nova Bridal are able to make your dreams come true without breaking your bank. Due to the fact that we manage closely our supply chain and manufacture domestically, our bespoke dresses start from only £2000.


We focus on your uniqueness and individuality by creating a dress that is meticulously crafted to fit your body shape right down to the smallest detail, and cannot be matched nor compared to a dress that is bought off-the-peg.
Following is the process we follow to enable you to express yourself:

First steps

The process starts with a private consultation with our designer. During the consultation, the designer will get a sense of who you are as a person and your personal style. To get the conversation started, the designer will show you some physical samples of existing dresses that are in the same direction to what you’d like. These dresses will be used as reference points when discussing your design. The designer might also show you photos and/or request you to show her any ideas that you might already have.

By gathering this preliminary research, Lora will produce a bespoke sketch for you along with technical specs. During the first meeting or shortly after, you will also be introduced to multiple fabrics and laces. You are able to make you choose the material as well as any trimmings or embellishments that for your dress.  The design will be carefully matched to the key aspects of your Big Day. Also, if you are concerned about modesty or your body shape,  we will work with you until the final design is one that will fit you perfectly.  

Once the design is clear, we will take your measurements. You will need a good fitted bra and the same height heels as you plan to wear on your special day. Next, we will draft patterns by hand, ensuring an impeccable fit.

Your First Fitting

The first fitting of your dress will be an exciting time for you. 

This is the day when we will work with you to prefect the design and the fit of your dress.

To get the best from it, it is really important to wear the same undergarments and heels as you plan to wear on your Big Day. This will enable you to have a clear picture of your final look.

Second Fitting

On this day, you will see your gown finalised, with all alterations from your first fitting completed.

You will try on the dress again and make sure you are 100% happy.

We are able to provide you with a styling service where the designer can help you choose your accessories, hair and make up etc.

Collecting your dress

Your beautifully hand crafted gown will be steamed, pressed and packaged into a bridal bag ready for you to transport. Other bridal accessories such as your veil, shoes or jewelry will be packaged into smaller shopping bags to make it easy for you to carry. If you are traveling abroad, we are able to provide a specialised airline-approved carry-on bag.

Express yourself with LORA NOVA.

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