Terms and Conditions:

By making an appointment with us or by placing a deposit or order with us, you accept the following terms and conditions :

1. The appointment consultation fee of £60 is refunded to you as long as you keep your appointment or request a change at least 7 working days before your appointment date. The free appointment is only for 30 minutes. If you decide to stay longer, the appointment fee may not be refunded to you but could be adjusted towards the purchase price of a dress if you complete your purchase on the day of your appointment.
2. Initial Consultation appointments are for 30 minutes – 90 minutes. Fittings appointments are 30 minutes – 60 minutes. Consultation times starts from your booked appointment time, not from the time you arrive. If you are more than 15 minutes late and this causes an inability to finish your scheduled appointment in time, we may have to charge you an additional £60 fee.
3. The process of making your dress commences soon after you place a deposit with us. Consequently, we are unable to offer any refunds of monies collected (partial or full) in the event of you changing your mind after you have made a payment (partial or full) to us.
4. Deposit made towards a dress to avail our special discount offer is non-refundable. It may however be applied towards another dress when you come to your appointment. Discounts offered during the shows can not be availed against a bespoke order

  1. Dresses bought at sale are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. 
  2. Your dress will be made to the style and measurements noted in your signed order form. If your measurements change and your dress no longer fits you on your fitting date, we reserve the right to charge alteration fees for adapting the dress to your new measurements (in case of weight loss) or making a new dress (in case of weight gain).
  3. Any changes to the design of your bespoke or made-to-measure dress after your order has been placed will come at an additional cost.
  4. Brides are required to bring their shoes with them on the first fitting to verify the length of the dress. If they do not bring their shoes or if they bring shoes of a different height to their wedding day shoes and the dress length needs to be measured or adjusted after the first fitting is completed, we would need to charge an additional alteration fee.
  5. Your made-to-measure and/or bespoke order consists of three appointments. On the first appointment your measurements are taken and the dress design discussed. The second appointment is your fitting appointment where you try on your dress. During this appointment you are able to discuss the fit of the dress and minor adjustments to the design. The third appointment is your final fitting and the day when you can collect your dress. If you require any additional appointments, these will be charged at our £60 fee per hour appointment fee.
  6. The dress is to be collected on collection day, which is the appointment scheduled within one to four weeks after the fitting appointment.
    We cannot store your dress for you. If you do not collect your dress on appointment day or request your collection day to be delayed, then we reserve our right to charge you £10 per day storage fee.
  7. Once your dress has been collected, if you request an additional appointment for trying your dress on before your wedding day to check its fit one final time, we will charge you our standard hourly appointment fee of £50 fee per hour. If you request any additional alterations on that day you will be charged accordingly depending on the alteration needed. 

Further alterations will be carried out with your specific consent and understanding that such alterations as well as the storage of the dress at our premises are at your risk.

  1. In the event of us receiving partial payment, the balance would need to be paid when you collect your dress.
  2. In the event of you requiring a change to your appointment date or time, please advise us at least 7 working days in advance of your appointment date, failing which, we reserve the right to charge a £60 fee.
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