What Does a Wedding Designer Do?


As a wedding designer, Lora collaborates with couples to help them plan their wedding event. She helps with the decisions that will give their event a cohesive, stylish, and sophisticated look. 

Lora is the perfect designer to create the visual theme of your wedding.

Usually, she meets with couples to talk about their design ideas for the wedding and then she produces concept boards, sketches and models to demonstrate options. Once you  have agreed on the vision, we then work with wedding planners and vendors to implement the design plan. 

Our design consulting covers everything from floor plans and lighting design to the flowers, furniture, linens and attire.

The ability to design an event and create an atmosphere that will truly reflect the couple’s personalities is a  unique skill and will genuinely makes a difference on how you feel on your Big Day.  As a high-end luxury designer, Lora has the artistic eye that allows to conceptualize the whole event and transform a space into your dream.


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